How it Works provides an escrow service that protects both the buyer and the seller in a transaction.
Transactions take place in the following order:

Buyer and Vendor Agree to Terms

Buyer submits payment to Veever

Veever picks up & delivers goods

Buyer approves goods

Veever releases payment to vendor

Key Features

As Nigeria’s leading Escrow service providers, we guarantee secure payment methods to help reduce risk – safeguarding sellers and buyers alike. All funds transacted are kept in trust until terms of the agreements are met by both parties.

Awesome Interface

Simply amazing look and feel.

User Friendly

Easily navigate through the platform.


Email notifications keep you posted on the status of your transaction

Make secure payments

Fast, reliable and trustworthy payments supported by Flutterwave.

Instant Support

Enjoy swift and efficient response from our support team.

Package Delivery

Veever also helps to pickup and deliver products from buyers to sellers. Ultimately reducing risk and enforcing security.

Quick Trade

With a customised transaction link created for you by Veever, you can get buyers to initiate quick transactions with you.



We're dedicated to ensuring you have a hitch-free experience completing your transactions. Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive.

Veever Escrow exists to protect sellers by verifying funds and protects the Buyer by allowing inspection of the merchandise before funds are disbursed.

With, every step in your transaction is verified with proven tracking and verification procedures.

Veever may release funds to the Seller after the agreed Inspection Period if stated, otherwise funds will be disbursed immediately buyer confirms to have received the product.

Please use our delivery calculator to know how much delivery costs.

This is an auto-generated link for vendors, after their sign up & business registration process on veever, showing that vendors have been verified to close their transactions with Escrow.

Vendors who need to be verified to start trading using Veever Escrow and delivery solution.

Veever guarantees buyers that only vendors who truly are in business are entertained.

Veever guarantees vendor that only buyers who truly have the means and are ready to show it are attended to.

  1. We offer vetting, pick up & delivery packages as part of our Escrow solution for each transaction.
  2. Allows vendors gain trust when closing deals with buyers.
  3. We help connect credible verified vendors with legit buyers and vice versa.
  4. Allows vendors gain trust when closing deals with buyers

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